wchat is a telnet-based Chat Server written in the C language. It was originally based on chatC code, but then expanded to be a fully functional chat environment. wchat relies on the following libraries, most of them included with the wchat source release:

wchat is designed to use minimal cpu or memory resources, and be a modular high-level code base. What this means is all low-level functions are written in separate libraries which wchat makes use of. This allows any additions or changes to the "look and feel" of the chat to be very simple and straight forward. wchat is an extremely stable and solid base from which to build a chat environment around. This is not a web chat, but a telnet chat server usually connected to via clients such as tinyfugue, gmud, CRT, etc.

Some wchat features include:
  • System configurable network options (listen size, max user, etc.)
  • Full ANSI color support
  • Multiple chat channels
  • Fully configurable handle with color support in handle
  • Idle times
  • System uptime information
  • Basic login information
  • message timestamps
  • User accounts
  • guest, normal, and admin user levels
  • /admin command for admins
  • others...

January 29, 2002: Released wchat 1.2.6. This release changes the autogen/configure options to only run configure on the base wchat directories. The library subdirectories no longer run their own configure instance, making configure time much quicker. We also use a config.h file now.

The code changes include use of a new libcolor library, which adds many more color choices to the chat. The autosave function was changed to be more correct to its meaning, and other changes...

July 23, 2001: Released wchat 1.2.5. The first release in a long time. The most important changes include: removed libadns to now use multithreaded dns resolving, added user accounts to save and identify users, distinction between user classes (guest, normal, admin), timestamps, more informative system messages, many bugfixes, and more.. See the cvsweb file changes for more description.
February 20, 2000: Released wchat 1.2.1. This is an important release. We fix many buffer overflow bugs, add a new command processor so you don't need spaces inbetween commands, add new login/logout messages, channels now work correctly, and /p will send message to last person you /p'd saving some typing.
January 27, 2000: Released wchat 1.2.0. Main change is that we now use libadns, so we can resolve hostnames in the background and not pause the main loop. If the asynchronous lookup fails, we revert to the usual gethostbyaddr() call, to pick up other possibilities (like /etc/hosts). Some other minor formatting issues are included in this release.
November 9, 1999: Released wchat 1.1. This is primarily a bugfix release. Some reformatting of the commands as well as memory leak fixes are included. Specifically: the /uptime, /idle, and /whois commands were reformatted.

October 8, 1999: Released wchat 1.0. The first public release.

Download wchat wchat-1.2.6.tar.gz version 1.2.6 source code

View the source code on-line via cvsweb web based CVS

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Please email srust (steve at tp dot org) with any comments regarding wchat.
All code is released under the GPL (GNU General Public License).

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