gbuild is a script written to simplify package maintenance. It allows you to automate code update from CVS, compilation of the package, building tar files, rpms, and srpms of your package. The script is written in the /bin/sh (Bourne) shell language for large compatibility with most system setups. External scripts which certain functions of gbuild depend on are written in perl. gbuild has been tested and used primarily with the Gnome project, and provides powerful interaction with the autoconf/automake family of tools. All options can be supplied from the command line at run time, or in a configuration file.

Some of the options available include the ability to compile code outside of downloaded cvs tree, checkout or update code with specific options, compile time options, log files, and more. All options are configurable on a global, or package specific basis.

June 23, 1999: New released version 0.6! Gbuild 0.6 released. View the README file for version 0.6. This version introduces the first use of the GNU autoconf setup included in Gbuild. This allows much better configuration and installation options. (full announcement).

May 8, 1999: Gbuild 0.5 released. (full announcement).

December 5, 1998: First Public release of Gbuild. This was announced to the Gnome mailing list and officially installed in the Gnome CVS tree. The release was unofficially called Gbuild 0.4. You can read the first mention mailed out to the Gnome developers mailing list.

Install Help
  1. download gbuild-0.6.tar.gz
  2. untar in a temp directory
  3. run configure --prefix=/your/prefix
  4. make install
  5. Copy /your/prefix/share/gbuild/gbuildrc to $HOME/.gbuildrc
  6. Edit the $HOME/.gbuildrc changing at least the -d and -cd parts of the GLOBAL options, or anything else to your specifications. See the README file for an in depth syntax of the .gbuildrc file
  7. Run gbuild and enjoy!
Show all the command line options for version 0.5

View the source code on-line via web based CVS/lxr database

Download gbuild source code current release: gbuild-0.6.tar.gz

old releases

All code is released under the GPL (GNU General Public License).

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